The easternmost tip of Indonesia has many natural attractions that are extraordinarily beautiful and amazing. Not only local tourists, but the popularity of West Papua has also been heard by foreign countries. Yes, there are lots of West Papua tour attractions that are very beautiful and amaze nature lovers who have visited there. West Papua is also known as the Black Pearl and holds a million amazing natural attractions.

Do you want to plan a vacation to the West Papua district? Here we have collected information about various tourist attractions in West Papua that you can visit. Read more!

Raja Ampat

This tourist spot in West Papua has become a famous place and a dream destination for many people. Raja Ampat is very famous for the beauty of its coral reefs as the Coral Triangle or a triangle of coral reefs that you cannot find in any country. So it is very natural that the local government is very careful about ecotourism in Raja Ampat. To see the beauty of this heaven on earth in West Papua, you need to spend quite a bit.

But make no mistake, once you set foot in Raja Ampat, you won’t regret it though. Its many island clusters with clear and wide expanses of the sea will be a sight that cannot be missed. Not to mention you can also snorkel or dive to see how beautiful the corals and also the various marine biota are. Even photography lovers will be satisfied to shoot the camera because of its beauty.

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Framu Lake

As clear as a mirror, that’s the impression you will get when you visit Framu Lake. The water is so clear and the blue color is refreshing to the eyes. The gradations of green and light blue blend together by reflecting the shadows of the shady trees around it. The cool air is guaranteed to make you feel at home for a long time.

Arfak Mountains

Don’t get me wrong about this tourist spot! Its name is indeed the Arfak Mountains. But actually this West Papua destination is the name of the district. It’s just that the area of this district is surrounded by hills so that the Arfak Mountains Regency can be said to be located in a highland where the highest plateau reaches 2,900 meters above sea level.

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Primadonna in this district is its two lakes, namely Lake Anggi Gida and Lake Anggi Giji. These two West Papua tour attractions are known to have not been touched by many tourists, so they are still very clean and beautiful. Interestingly, in the middle of the lake, there is white sand that can be used as the perfect place to relax. Along the way to the two lakes, you can also take a cultural tour at the same time. A row of traditional houses that are passed can be an observation of the culture of the local community.

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Cenderawasih Bay

Cenderawasih Bay National Park is one of the largest marine national parks in Indonesia. If you want to dive, you can feel the sensation of swimming with sharks and whales here. Of course, under certain supervision and safe distance, yes. Not only that, but this national park also has natural caves from ancient times, underwater caves at Tanjung Mangguar, as well as a number of 18th-century relics that are still well preserved.

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Mansinam Island

Although it doesn’t look like a group of islands in Raja Ampat, Mansinam Island is one of the islands that are quite important for the people of West Papua. Located in Doreh Bay, a place that is around 6 km from the capital city of West Papua, the Manokwari City, this tourist destination in West Papua is believed to be the beginning of the civilization of the West Papuan people.

In addition to the stretch of beach, this island also holds historical relics and the story of the formation of Christianity there. You can see the monument to the statue of Jesus as the one in Rio De Janeiro.

That’s a list of the 5 most popular West Papua tour attractions and always crowded with visitors. There are tens or even hundreds of hidden paradises in Papua. So, immediately visit Papua and feel its natural beauty!


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